Milestone Culture Brand
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Trade Policy

1) Artwork - Digital artworks can be emailed to Preferred Formats would be Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Artwork should be provided within 10 days after order confirmation. Otherwise the shipment will be postponed accordingly.

2) 'Use Date' ConfirmationIf a specific 'use date' is required, your shipping schedule confirmation is needed during order  placement.

3) CancellationsOrders cannot be canceled without permission from factory. Customers will be liable for all charges incurred prior to any cancellation.

4) Acknowledgements Receipt of order acknowledgements will be confirmed by fax or email as orders are received.

5) Pricing
- All pricing are quoted base on FOB China.
- All pricing we offered include our standard package.
- All Quotation is valid 1 month only.

6) Packaging
  OEM Packaging
- For any OEM products, client must provide packaging requirement before during quotation process. The packaging requirement should include information on individual packaging, number of pieces per inner box and number of inner box per carton. For any printing of individual packaging with quantity less than 3,000 pcs, we will charge US$200 per film artwork.

7) order Confirmation 每 Upon received all requirements listed below should the production begin:
- Deposit / LC received
- A fax copy of signed proforma invoice received.
- Pre-production sample approved.

8) Payment
  Banking Charges 每 Payment made with T/T or LC, Buyers is responsible for all banking charges incurred from their bank and should not deduct the banking charges from the order amount.
  Terms   每30% deposit and 70% balance 14 days before shipment:

              每USD200 handling charges below order amount USD 5,000.00

9) Samples Charges
Samples cost 200% of the original unit price. Samples charges will be refunded when order is placed with amount over US$5,000.00.

10) Customer Service
   If you have any suggestion or complaint for our company or products, please contact


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